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The Light Tracker

A dual-axis Light Tracker: two servo motors for pan and tilt, and several photo-diodes for detecting light intensity. I programmed it to aim its laser to the light source. Here is a video showing it in action:

It was developed as a platform for subsequent microcontroller projects. It has all the common features many embedded systems share: sensing, control, output, the use of ADC and control signals like servo PWM, human interface such as IR remote control, and interface to PC via UART.

To see its action from its point of view, I mounted a camera onto the pan-tilt head:

The platform tipped over at the end because I disabled the microcontroller by holding the reset button.

Replace the photo-diodes with a couple of LEDs (plus a DSLR) and you get a light tracer:

and this:

This video shows how the photo was taken: