In-situ Coastal Monitoring

I build and maintain a network of sensors to monitor the water condition around the coasts of the Hawaiian islands. I also design self-contained data loggers that record water level, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, turbidity, pH etc. for the oceanographers/biologists. Collected data are made available on the web in real-time.

A stream level monitor, designed to operate on solar power under dense canopy.

An early prototype of a low-cost data logger measuring temperature, pressure, and light.

Solar-powered real-time water level monitor, from design to deployment.

Python Drivers for Sensors

Source code for the project is HERE.

The repo contains Python drivers for

  • Aanderaa 3835, 4531, and 4330 oxygen optode
  • Aanderaa 4319 conductivity sensor
  • WET Labs FLNTUS turbidity and chlorophyll sensor
  • EZO series sensors from Atlas Scientific
  • MS5803-14BA and MS5837-30BA (absolute pressure sensors)
  • VEML6030, VEML6040 (high precision light sensors)
  • Si1145, HTU21D, TCS34725, TSL2591... (some modified from other libraries)

All drivers tested with the BeagleBone Black running Debian. Most work on the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) without modification.