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Born as Hou In Lio ("Lio" == last name), but known as Stanley by everyone I know on this continent. A Macao-born Chinese Canadian currently reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently an Embedded System Engineer at the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii. MS in Electrical Engineering from USC (Los Angeles) in 2015, BSc in Computer Engineering from York University (Toronto, Canada) in 2013. Interested in all things engineering and most things science-y. Play a few Chopin nocturnes and Beethoven sonatas and am a "weekend photographer".

"Why did you switch from Computer Engineering to Electrical Engineering?"

I'm interested in robotics and digital communications. Both subjects are multidisciplinary. Some schools put them under EE, some under CE, so I can't say I have really "switched" my field of study. (This is a question I get very often. It is a popular belief in my circle that there are more jobs for CS graduates than for EE's, so they are often surprised that I "left" CS for EE)

"Why grad school?"

As much as I enjoy writing code at 2AM, I often find the domain problems in my projects equally fascinating: the inverse kinematics, the end user behavior, the physics principles, or the justification behind communication protocols. After learning enough about programming as a tool, I want to specialize in a field to make use of my experience in writing software.

"Why engineering?"

That, that, and thatThat’s why.